Town hall

It is a remarkable early building, which is said to have probably been built by Stamatis Voulgaris during the Capodistrian era. However, according to some newer sources the ground floor of the building was built from the years of the 2nd Venetian occupation and housed the Court.

The floors were built after the liberation, as during the same period the entrance to the marble lintel bearing the embossed Capodistrian palm tree was shaped.

This view is reinforced by observing the irregular plan of the building, the difference in the rhythm, for example in the openings of the ground floor and the floor, as well as the additional character of the door.

The building is located at the junction of V. Konstantinou and Terzaki Street (building block 140). Initially, the building housed the Government of the First Government of Nafplion, later used as Othon's residence and later housed the First City Hall of Nafplion.

It consists of a ground floor, a mezzanine and a first floor, while an attic is created in the center of its side on V. Konstantinou. On the ground floor, the building features arched openings and angles of carved stonework. At height it is divided into three horizontal zones while along V. Konstantinou the vertical axis is emphasized by the axis of symmetry from the entrance gate and the marble balcony with the simple railing and the attic.

The construction trick at the base of the building is likely to indicate the replacement of an older stone base. In the main face of the building, the presence of two waterways is intense, which alters it. Also, the building presents all the interesting morphological elements of its time, such as windows with a simple frame and the cornice of the roof.

Today this building is owned by the Municipality of Nafplio, which has been rehabilitating it a few years ago. On the ground floor are housed the offices of the Secretariat of the University of Peloponnese of the department of theatrical studies, while the rest of the floors accommodate the municipal gallery.


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