Three Admirals’ Square

The Three Admirals Square is located in the center of Nafplion and was built by the engineer Stamatis Voulgaris during the years of Ioannis Kapodistrias after the liberation of the city.

The name of "The Three Admirals Square" is due to the three admirals, the Englishman Kodrington, the Russian Eiden, and the French Derigny, where they defeated Ibrahim's fleet at the naval battle of Navarino in 1827.

The oldest name of the square of three admirals was "fountain square" and the name change was made in 1854 in their honor.

three admirals square, town hall, nafplion

To the west of the square there is the statue of Otto, the first king of Greece, with traditional costume and sword made in 1995.

Next to Otto's statue, there is the first pharmacy in Greece where the pharmacist Boniface Bonaphin tanned Kapodistria's pile.

three admirals square, first pharmacy, nafplion

About the statue of Otto's statue there was the Governor's or Palataki building for the locals who were one of the most important buildings in Nafplion and was destroyed in 1929 by a fire. There were the offices of the newly established Greek government and the residence of the first governor of Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias.

Today, the three Admirals Square is surrounded by important historical and public buildings such as the first high school, the town hall and the Grand Street or King Constantine, which is also the most touristic street of Nafplion, passes in front of it.

From the northern side of the square is Amalias Othonos Street, where the Nafplion War Museum is located on the left and at the end of the Palamid Municipal Library.


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