Philellinon Square

Philellinon square in Nafplion is located in front of the old town to the port and surrounded by the office of the square of St. Nicholas with the church and the Greek Harvard study center, two-story neoclassical 19th-century family donation Physician which originally housed the town hall Of Nafplion until it was transferred to the Three Admirals Square.

The name "Square Philellinon" due to the monument that is at the center of the square was erected in 1903 in memory of French philhellenes fallen soldiers who fought for the liberation of Greece during the Revolution.

The creation was made under the supervision of Nicholas appellate Kotsaki and the form of the obelisk, made of gray marble.

Philhellinon monument was designed in Paris by the Vezo and Dervenion but materialized in Athens at the marble workshop Chaldoupi.

At its base there are relief personifications of Greece and France, as Athena and Democracy, while the other side is decorated with an inscription indicating Marshal Maison, General Fabvier, Admiral Derigny, sailors and soldiers of France.

Originally the site of Filellinon Square was the bastion of St. Teresa, who renamed the bastion of Moschos which was demolished in 1866.

Lastly, the bust of Mantos Mavrogenous was placed, which during the period 1824 to 1831 remained in Nafplion.


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