King Constantine building

It is a remarkable "early" three-storey building, whose long side with eight openings looks at Vas Street. Konstantinou, while the small one with five openings to Syntagma Square (building block 132).

The construction of the building is estimated to be between 1828 and 1865 but it is assumed to be probably older and repaired during the Kapodistrian period.

The ground floor as well as the floor - which protrudes lightly - is from unusable semi-finished rectangular stone masonry while the last floor and the other vertical elements of the building are coated with tufas. The main entrance leading to the floors is on V. Konstantinou, it is located on the central axis of symmetry and is further emphasized with the balconies of the floors.

Although the building has undergone several repairs and some elements have been removed, it retains its basic morphological characteristics. These are the German jalousie covers in the frames of the floors with a wooden frame, a perimeter cornice between the floors, balconies with wooden corrugations, relief bows over the openings of the ground floor and the first floor, plaster frame at the end of the roof with painting decoration.

Today the building is in good condition after recent restoration work. The ground floor houses a restaurant and commercial activities, while the floors are entirely used as dwellings.

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