Great Road - Megalos dromos

The Great Road was opened on Kapodistrias' initiative and from the promptings of Voulgari and connected the beginning of the city of Nafplion with Syntagma Square.

It is the most ancient way of classicism in Greece with a visual end to the monumental Venetian palace (today's Archaeological Museum). It is undeniable that this building has played an important role in the road mapping.

Nowadays this road (the extension of V. Konstantinou Street) is a pedestrian street and is a major commercial street and at the same time a major road axis.

Along the main axis of the city, which has a length of 230 meters and a width of 6 meters, there are many remarkably designated "preserved" buildings built or repaired during the first period of liberation of the Greek State 1828-1865.

These are mainly two-storey or three-storey buildings, which in spite of their differences share common characteristics and give homogeneity to the overall front of the road.


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