First Pharmacy

It is an interesting neoclassical building whose construction dates back to 1828 - 1865. The building is angular and is located at the junction of V. Konstantinou and Velinis streets.

The building has preserved morphological features such as angular pilasters with ceramic cups, perimeter corrugated corners, arched openings on the ground floor, German-style window frames on the first floor, and a balcony with metal bells and rails. However, the door and the entrance door to the floor, which is located on the street of Velini, is of great interest. The entrance of the ground floor shop is located at V. Konstantinou Street.

The pharmacist, Boniface Bonaphin, who was born in Trieste, studied at the University of Padua, created the first pharmacy "Soter" at Trion Admirals Square, which was housed on the ground floor of this building. Here the pile of John Kapodistrias was planted, while on the floor was the pharmacist's residence.

Today the building is in relatively good condition. The ground floor houses commercial activities, while the floor is used as a residence.


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