First High School

It is a three-storey building of classicist architecture built around 1830. Originally the building was two-storey and in 1893 the third floor was added. The Greek school was housed on the ground floor and high school on the first and second floor. The façade, strict and imposing, is divided into three symmetrical sections, with a protruding central, highlighted by the carved angiolites.

Following the principles of classical architecture, the building has a base, trunk and coronation. The ground floor is decorated with a white band at the base and with angled angled stones in the corners. The floors are defined with white horizontal cornice with white pilasters at the corners. The gable-roofing is framed with a cornice that we find in the rest of the building, while the drum is unmodified.

The study of the floor plan of the building indicates newer interventions. According to 1989, the ground floor does not communicate with the floor, to which someone has access from an external staircase at Antonopoulou street. The whole building has eight halls with an area of ​​20-25 m2, sufficient to accommodate the students of Hellenic and high school which, according to official reports of the Ministry of Education during this period, did not exceed 240.

On the facade of the building is the inscription "THE FIRST GREEK JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL", founded in 1833. DECREE OF THE OTHERS OF THE KING OF GREECE.

Since the school year 1929-1930 schools have ceased to operate in this building as they are transported to a new school building that was built opposite the old one in the area where the arsenal was. The building was used as an auxiliary area of ​​the high school, housed offices, schools, the First Public Library, the Greek Conservatory and today houses the Town Hall of the city.

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