Bastion Grimani

The Grimmani Bastion or San Antonio with amphitheatrical layout to the city of Nafplion and its hidden paths is located on the northeastern corner of the Toron Castle.

Its name comes from the Venetian commander Francesco Grimani and was built between 1702 and 1706 during the Second Venetian domination.

It is crafted in rustic style, with large stones protruding at the bottom and isomodal stones in the upper levels.

Destination of its creation was to protect the entrance of Nafplion from the Gate of the Land and the castle of Acronafplia with four canals.

The feathered lion of the Venetian domination is distinguished in the northern and eastern walls that are the symbol of its patron, Evangelist Markos.

On the northern side, along with the walls, the aqueduct of the Promenade Grimmani was incorporated at a shallow depth of the surface.

It is a tunnel shaped in a peculiar way. Half the cross section is bored in the upper part of the chambers, while the inner side is built with a straight finish.

Obviously it was constructed after the completion of the wall to collect rainwater.

Grimmani Bastion is visible from the Gate of Land and the Staikopoulos Park and is in good condition.


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