Bastion "Pende Adelphia"

The Five Brothers Bastion is located on the northwest side of Akronafplia and was constructed to control along with Bourtzi the entrance to the port of Nafplion.

The Five Brothers are a prominent wall section of the rest of Acronafplia's wall, which is fortified for the defensive protection of Nafplion on the Argolic Bay side of the Sea Gate.

The construction of the Bastion is dated between 1389-1540 when Nafplion was under the domination of the First Venetian domination.


At that time there was the discovery of gunpowder, and so they put a special emphasis on the defense fortification of the bastion by placing five heavy cannons and from there took the name "Promachonas Five Brothers".

From the bastion, every evening, they stretched a heavy chain to Bourtzi to close the entrance of Nafplion from the sea and thus gave the port of Nafplion the name "Porto di Cadena".

The Five Brothers are saved in good condition and are made from a Venice factory of John Francis Almergeti since the year 1487 and in one of the cannons of the bastion he left the signature of MARCANTONIO Q. NICOLO DI CONTI FONDITOR PUBLICO D 'ARTIGLIARIE ".


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