Arvanitia Promenade

The promenade of Arvanitia as Nafplio inhabitants call it is one of the most beautiful walks that Nafplion has for everyone.

It begins at the end of the harbor next to the lighthouse and ends a distance of one kilometer reaching the square of Arvanitia next to the homonym beach of Arvanitia.

The route of Arvanitia is in the nature, a paved road that on one side waves the Argolic Gulf and on the other is Acronafplia.

arvanitia promenade, nafplion

Shortly before the middle of the route we meet the stairs that end up in the beautiful church of Panagitsa, the Venetians gave it the name "Santa Maria della Grotta", literally built in the rocks of Acronafplia with a unique panoramic view spreading out In the eyes of stone, nature and water!

Continuing the promenade of Arvanitia we will meet Despotos cave, where the sea waters hit many times on the rocks that are right next to you and in front of your eyes lies the beach of Arvanitia, while looking up you face the imposing Palamidi.

promenade of arvanitia, nafplion

Arriving at Arvanitias square you can continue your walk from the dirt road that stretches before the entrance to the beach and after a few kilometers you can reach Karathona beach or go down the road next to the Grimmani Bastion and get off at Staikopoulou Park And the Gate of the Land.


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