Archaeological museum

The Archaeological Museum occupies a dominant position on the western side of Syntagma Square in Nafplio and was built in 1713 on Augustine Sagredo's Projected during the Second Venetian Occupation.

The purpose of building was to use it as a warehouse of the Venetian fleet, as the Roman inscription built on the front of the building, carved on a marble slab with the relief lion, a symbol of Venetian domination:

"Fleet warehouse for the use and decoration of the city, Augustine Sagredos, Predictive of the fleet, built majesty".

The building, a sample of mature Renaissance, is characterized by strong rigor. It is a building, measuring 33,50m. X 13.70m. And 15.60 meters high, with a symmetrical horizontal and vertical configuration. The ground is distracting due to the toothed protrusions of the lithosphere and the five-arched portico formed by pilasters with a series of recesses and protrusions and rests on four pillars instead of columns.

Outside, the building carries bows and sharp protrusions in the openings, emphasizing its imposing character, while the interior of the arched colonnade divides each floor into two aisles. To the right and left of the main face of the building there are decorative heads of elders. Previously, the building was externally divided into two sections by a gypsum horizontal strip.

The flush wooden roof of the roof is a characteristic of Oriental local architecture. Kapodistriki construction is the interior wall of the ground floor, which is located behind the arcade, according to designs of Kapodistrias era. The parity of the door and the windows of this wall is a representative element of classicism.

The building later turned into a barrack, while during the German occupation the German investigating offices were housed. Today, it is the Archaeological Museum of Nafplion, where the museum's exhibition is housed on the first and second floor, while on the ground floor are the offices of the 4th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities of the Ministry of Culture.

Syntagma Square

Museum opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 08:30-15:30 (Tuesday: Closed)

Tel.: +30.27520 27502


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