Nafplion Triodio 2024, Sunday 25 February

Nafplion: opening of Triodio on Sunday, February 25 2024, with carnival events

The opening of the Triodium begins in Nafplio with carnival events on Sunday, February 25.
Specifically, it starts by cycling, dancing and singing starting at 11:00 in the morning.

Guided by the percussion of the Municipal Philharmonic of Nafplion under the direction of the conductor and chief musician Theodosis Antoniadis, the carnival rhythm begins in our city and primarily seduces the "fanatic" fans of the Carnival... the children.

Disguised or not, they take their bicycles or skates and start from the ¨Pergola¨ in the direction of the Three Admirals square. There they meet the dancing groups and the carnival pulse gets stronger and they all end up together in Syntagma Square. The heart of the city turns into a Halloween workshop. Under the guidance of the Poeme workshop team, which with the little protagonists and using ecological materials will make masks with the theme of forest animals. With the theme of endangered animals, the Center for Special Therapies and Creative Employment ¨CREATE¨ with the little explorers will create a Halloween mask while a group of Citizen Volunteers will help with the Halloween constructions.

Together, they complete a diverse puzzle at the end and intertwine to make the ¨Carousel¨. Colorful ribbons and merriment weave together in a dance of love and reconciliation that symbolizes the cycle of life, from life to death, from sorrow to joy, from winter to spring and vice versa.

Participating: The dance group of the Friends of the V. Papantoni Foundation The Cultural Sports Association of Nafplion ¨HOROKINISSI¨ The Dance School of Tatsis The Educational Association of Agia Triada The Greek Dance Workshop The dance group of the Cultural Association of Asini

(The final program of events - actions will be announced in the next few days).


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