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European Directive 2000/31 / EC Article 15 The absence of a general obligation to control concerns Articles 12,13,14 of the Directive, where Article 14 is Hospitality. There is no general obligation to control that the bodies (persons, groups of persons, associations, (Institutionalized or not) developing social, political, cultural, etc. Activities] do not have a general obligation to control the information they transmit or store, nor a general obligation to actively search for facts or circumstances that indicate that they are illegal.

Legislation, taking into account the completely different nature of participatory internet, is designed to prevent, prevent the occurrence, the occurrence of various situations of content control. Because the law accepts that preventatively it can not constantly oversee it (moderation is choice rather than obligation).

The offset is, of course, imposed on them by traditional means, has relieved the responsible of the websites from the precautionary obligation (which is carried out, which operate with great immediacy (as it is imposed by the nature of the Internet) when they have been informed that there is illegal material , As part of their duty of ex-post control, and may not have a prudent responsibility, but has an obligation once it learns that something is illegal, to remove it. B UDGET request of the affected!

The owners and creators of this site are not responsible for the use of the reports and the information provided on this website. Only links from other resources are provided on this site. This site is non-profit making the creators take no responsibility. All information and links are provided for informational purposes only.

If you are the intellectual beneficiaries of the material posted on the site and you do not want to spread it, we will be happy to assist you by removing the appropriate links.

This requires us to send you a message.
In a few cases, you will need to include the following information in the message:

Evidence that your material is protected by copyright:

- Scanned document with stamp

- E-mail from the official owner of the company

- Other contact information that will allow us to identify you as the owner of this material.

In this, you can specify where and under what conditions it is possible to collect information, links that have been removed, and your contact information so that users can get from you all the information they are interested about material.

Direct links to pages that contain references to data to be removed.

Then, within 5 business days, the material will be removed and access to the site will not be possible.

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