Neraki: The beach with coves

Neraki beach is located between Arvanitia and Karathona beach.


Access to Neraki beach can be only by foot or bike. Crossing the hill next to the Gate of land will arrive in a large park where is located the entrance of Arvanitia beach. Then on the left of the entrance starts a soiled road leading to Neraki. After 15 - 20 minutes of walk you will arrive in this wonderful beach with the coves.


Neraki beach is in a small cove with crystal clear waters which fits to lonely people or couples. If you are lucky you can be alone.

The beach is rocky at the edges and sandy in the center with small stone. The bottom of the sea sandy and well worth the notice as is extremely varied.


The beach is not organised so make sure you obtain the absolutely necessary things you may need.


Close from Neraki beach there are several small beautiful bays. It is worth a visit to them.


Before we reach the Neraki beach left and up was a natural cave, the so-called Bavarian cave where it is most corrupt.

In past ages, when there was no road access to the Neraki beach access was either by boat or with ascent from the mountain with a difficult downhill.

Now several people prefer this uncrowded beach.


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