Karathona: The favorite beach of residents

Leaving Nafplion toward the road which leads to Palamidi Castle, just a few kilometers from the city, is the favorite beach of the locals.

Karathona beach is located approximately four kilometers outside the Nafplion, east of the castle of Palamidi. The many kilometers of sandy beach in conjuction with their eucalyptus makes it the number one Beach.


Karathona is located four kilometers away from Nafplion which makes necessary the existance of private transport or hired vehicle (vehicle / motorbike) or you can get there with the public bus which has many routes to and from karathona beach at summer season.

Finally having in our minds and our plucky exists and the solution of great motoring walk or the "Arvanitia Promenade".


The coast of Karathona road is framed with many trees, which between them is a big natural parking and the wide beach in places consists of small pebbles, trees and sandy beach.

It is awarded many times with the "Blue Flag" and in a beach of two kilometers it is sure you will find a part that you like while lifeguard will watch over you from the morning until late in the evening.

The sea is shallow and at several points along you will find to obtain all necessary things you may need. This makes it as the best solution for families even with young children.

The view is great. Left rises of Palamidi Castle, while opposite the beach seem clean coastlines of Kynourias while in the middle and west of the beach there is a tiny isle "Pontikonissi" which gives beauty and romance in the eyes of every visitor.


The long beach offers too many facilities and activities, satisfying even the most demanding guests.

The last few years are developed organized buffets with loungers and everyone can choose the music genre who wants to enjoy and relax with a coffee or a drink.

Karathona beach is the ideal place to spend all of your day or to visit only to eat facing the sea and features two or three traditional tavernas for a quick bite or even for normal meal.

For athletic people there is organized space for beach volley and plenty of tennis racket and water sports.

If something from those does not cover your needs there is always space to stay alone and relax away from all the facilities.


In the past free camping was allowed and you can see many caravans between the palm trees but the decade of 90 was banned by bill and probably you will encounter problems with the authorities.

During the summer season are organised various concerts by artists.

Private barbecue and friends with the flanges and songs on the beach in the evening is a normal fact in the eyes of the visitor.


A leisurely stroll on the road of Karathona resulting at the mole, approximately in the middle and left over the mountains you can see the Holy Temple of "Panagia Katakekrimenis".

The temple is devoted in the birth of the Virgin Mary, is literally a cave in rock over the mountains of Karathona.

To get there you have to walk up enough in rocks and to climb several stairs. The access inside the temple is not confident as does not open daily.

At the end of the coast of Karathona Beach you will find the church of Agios Konstantinos who always you can visit. From this point you have very beautiful view of the beach.

If you proceed left from the lighthouse there is a rough path over the rocks which leads to the church of Saint Nikolaos "Krasocthistos".

This is a church built by a captain carrying wine from an island to Nafplio. The Captain fell to violent storm and made votive offering that if he was saved will develop a church devoted to the prostate of seafarers Agios Nikolaos.

And that happened, the boat was spared and the captain held the votive offering and even instead of water the mud was made with wine.



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