Asini beach

Ancient Asini beach is located twelve kilometers outside Nafplion next to the archaeological site of Ancient Assini and only five hundred meters from Tolo beach.

Though next to Tolo on the beach of Ancient Asini, you will never find many people since it is not a cosmopolitan beach but a small and clean beach literally on Ancient Assini.


To reach the beach or use private means or rented vehicles or the KTEL. By private vehicle you will need to take the road to Epidaurus and just one kilometer outside Nafplio you will meet the first big junction that has three directions (Tolo - Epidavros - Athens), as you move towards Tolo you will find yourself in a Fork next to the village of Lefkakia. On the left is the road to Drepano, on the right the road to Tolo where you will continue.

You will enter the village of Asini, which you will cross and at the exit you will meet the second big node with two exits, both leading to Tolo. You will go to the first exit where is the shortest direction and after about two kilometers you will see the beach of Tolo from above.

Downhill to your right you can find Tolo Village that you can find on your left and Tolo beach stretches before you. You will continue to the left alongside Tolo beach and after the small hill you will see Ancient Asini beach next to the archaeological site.


The beach is characterized by the small and big pebble on the coast while there is enough stone in the bottom.

It is a relatively deep and quiet beach.


The beach of Ancient Asini offers you the opportunity to rent an umbrella with deck chairs.

Right at the entrance of the beach there is a fish taverna where you can enjoy fresh fish.

The parking area is ample and free at the entrance of the beach.


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