Arvanitia: The beach in town

Arvanitia beach is literally in Nafplio, just 10 minutes walk from any point of the city and this is the main reason which makes it popular.


Is located exactly under the rock of Palamidi Castle and you will arrive there by foot to the way for Akronafplia, beside the Land Gate. Just before entering the will encounter a large and free parking.

Sprawls down from the Palamidi Castle and is a cool little beach offered for swimming and carefree moments. The beach of Arvanitia is approximately 200 meters area and is awarded with the blue flag. The point is located Argolic Bay makes it immune from the winds.


The beach has thick stone (pebbles) in the center of, rocky at the edges of where there are concrete points and the access to the sea from there is possible with small metal stairs. The bottom of the sea is sandy.

Arvanitia beach remains to be the current paradise of winter bathers.


It is well organized during the summer period and the infrastructure of feature coffee, sun loungers, rented umbrellas, showers and WC.


From the left side of the garage starts a soil road which connects the beach of Arvanitia with Karathona beach. A path beside the sea, in the green and with stunning view.

From the right side starts a road which unites Arvanitia beach with the shops next to the wave of the harbor of Nafplio. The path is called "Round of Arvanitia beach" and offers stunning view of the Argolic Gulf.


The name comes from the age of 1775 when Albanians flooded the Peloponnese, 5000 from those driven by the Captain-Pasha Gazis fraudulently to bastions of Palamidi Castle and at the night time he dropped them causing horrible death.

The place of the beach with pebbles at the pre-war period was named the "Men Place", since it was the place that men swim. At the time it was prohibited to be men and women at the same place.

The next place with pebble and elusive today beach was the 'Female Place' where women and children swim.


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