Midea is 12 km from Nafplio and 14 km from Argos.Midea is 12 km from Nafplio and 14 km from Argos.

It is rural and agricultural in terms of the village's character, well-known since antiquity.

The settlement of Midea is built at an altitude of 130 meters north of the Argolic plain, resulting in a magnificent panoramic view of the visitor.

The first name of the village was "Garbezi" and was renamed as Midea after 1940.

The name Midea comes from the ancient acropolis of Midea, which is very close to the village.

Its first inhabitants were Christian Arvanites who spoke their own dialect, where only the elderly inhabitants are known.

The main occupation of the inhabitants is the agricultural cultivations with main products vegetables, citrus fruits, olive oil and fruits.

In the area you can visit the Temple of Prodromos of Midea, where a feast with traditional live music, food and dancing is organized in August.

Also in the celebrations that have been established is the feast of gyros from the traditional gyosa food, where she is old-eyed goat or ewe at the age of 6 years who does not give birth anymore and is cooked in stone-built ovens.

An interesting visit is also the church of Agios Ioannis Theologos where the panoramic view allows you to gaze across the Argolic plain to the sea.

The most important attraction of the area is the Acropolis of ancient Midea, which you must definitely visit.

Midea belongs to the municipal unit of Midea of ​​the Municipality of Nafplio and appears under the name Midea and according to the 2001 census it has 630 inhabitants.


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