Heraion is the natural border between Nafplion and Argos in the center of the Argolic plain, 6 km from Argos and 9 from Nafplion in a spacious flat with nice view.

The locals know Heraion as "Chonika" or "Abidbey" by the Turkish who lived there.

The New Heraion was built on the ancient road that started from Argos and traveled to Ancient Heraion.

The inhabitants are engaged in the cultivation of citrus fruits, mainly oranges.

In the center of the village there is the 12th century Byzantine Temple of the Assumption of Virgin Mary with a magnificent architectural decoration.

Ancient Heraion

The myth connects the sanctuary with the story of the two brothers Kleovi and Vitona, who instead dragged their mother's coach to take her to the place where the Goddess Feast was celebrated. Reaching their destination they fell asleep and they stayed forever

In 423 BC The ancient temple was destroyed by fire, followed by the erection of a younger one, which was built by the architect Epochimos in 420-410 BC. Just below, near the original site of the sanctuary.

During the excavations of 1926, the Neolithic ceramics and tombs of the pre-Helladic, even Mycenaean and Geometric era were found above the archaic temple.

Her great celebration was celebrated in the second year of each Olympiad, or the most celebrated feast of Argia, both religious and national together.

With sacrifices of 100 oxen, the hundreds of fights (the most famous Chalkis Games, had as bronze shields). Through processions, parades of youth, with joyful spirits accompanied the gentle pilgrimage of myriads of believers.

The "Heraion" (the temple of Hera) of Argos was one of the oldest sanctuaries in Greece.

Heraion belongs to the municipal unit of Midea of ​​the Municipality of Nafplio and appears under the name Heraion and according to the 2001 census it has 130 inhabitants.


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