Argoliko is located between Nafplio and Agia Triada. It is a small village next to the Argolic plain.Argoliko is located between Nafplio and Agia Triada. It is a small village next to the Argolic plain.

Its oldest name during the 17th century was "Xerohori" due to the drought of the area and later named "Koutsi".

For the name "Kuchi" there are two versions. The first one comes from the word "koutsikos", where in arvanitika it means small and the second comes from the Arvanitian homeland "Koutsi", where he participated in the defense of Palamidi during the period of 1460.

At the beginning of the 20th century the village of Koutsi was renamed "Argoliko" due to its location in the center of the Argolic plain.

A part of the village of Argoliko is a coastal area and is located in the middle of the Argolic Gulf, where it is classified in the important wetlands.

In Argoliko in 1924 a rural development of orange cultivation began with the priest of the region of Michail Sp. Kavvatha where, when he was appointed to the holy temple of the village "Assumption of the Virgin", he took care of the propagation and prevalence of orange growing.

Soon the place grew and orange growing spread and prevailed throughout Argolida.

In Argoliko you can see the Church of the Annunciation, the Holy Temple of the Assumption of Virgin Mary and the church of St. George, climbing the 113 steps of the hill from the back, giving you a panoramic view of the Argolic plain.

There is also the church of John the Baptist built in 1860, where next to it there is a property that was given to Theodoros Kolokotronis after the liberation of Nafplion from the Turks. Possibly the church belonged to the Kolokotronis family.

Argoliko belong to the municipal unit of Midea of ​​the Municipality of Nafplio and it appears under the name Argoliko and according to the 2001 census it has 650 inhabitants.


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