Vivari is a fishing village 10km from Nafplion and two kilometers from Drepano.

Topologically located in a bay where it forms a natural harbor protected from the winds and used by locals and visitors for anchoring.

During the Venetian period it was the naval yard and the Venetian shipyard. The inhabitants of Vivari are mainly engaged in tourism, fishing and agriculture.

In the center of Vivari you can visit the church of Profitis Ilias where on July 19th is celebrated and organized a traditional feast with live music and traditional dishes.

Between Vivari and Drepano there is the lagoon where thousands of species of fish and rare species of birds are found.

Vivari is a tourist destination with rooms for rent, guest houses, furnished residences and many fish taverns on the beach.

Vivari belongs to the municipal unit of Asini of the Municipality of Nafplio and appears under the name Vivari and according to the 2001 census it has 314 inhabitants.


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