Tolo is a magnificent resort of the whole of Greece built inside a beautiful bay where the Argolic and Arcadian peninsula embraces it.Tolo is a magnificent resort of the whole of Greece built inside a beautiful bay where the Argolic and Arcadian peninsula embraces it.

Its location protects it from the winds and offers us a blue and unimaginable sea.

These characteristics and the natural beauty that surrounds the place were exploited by the inhabitants of the former fishing village of Minoa and turned into a modern tourist resort.

Historical references to this place date back to the times of Homer and the epic of the Iliad pointing to the area in front of Ancient Asini, Tolo, where naval force sailed for the Trojan war with King Agamemnon.

Over the course of time around 1200 AC Was named "De l'eau" - "Delo" in French "Water" by a Franciscan bishop because of the peculiarity of the surrounding water.

In 1864 AC The Venetian government, led by General Morizioni, created the anti-Turkish coalition of LINTS to expel the Turks from the Peloponnese.

The army gathered for this purpose consists of Greek volunteers and volunteers mainly from Crete where they managed to liberate Nafplion.

This period dates from 1885 to 1687, when many Peloponnesian cities were liberated by General Morizioni and was given the title "Knight of St. Mark" by the Venetians.

The Cretan army after the liberation of Nafplion was dispersed to live with its families in the surrounding area (Argos - Nafplio) until King Othon in the then newly established state of Greece with a resolution in March 1831 and with the number 16951 N.D. October 13, 1834 "On the Cretan settlement" it was decided to build the city named "Minoa" near the port of Tolo and to gather the scattered Cretans to live in it.

This decree granted them a small house worth no more than 300 drachmas, land with a lot of 30 to 50 acres depending on the family members and all the necessary tools to cultivate the land.

Because the territory of the area was barren, most of the population turned to fishing, creating the largest fishing village of the Argolic Gulf.

Minoa was a municipality along with the settlements of Iria, Avgo and Solinari.

During the Second World War, Tolo was the admiral of the Italian and later of the German fleet, where these times were difficult for fishermen, as all their fish flew into the army.

After the war, the oldest name of Tolo, where most of the inhabitants of the region are of Cretan origin, prevailed.

Together with the rising tourist flow in Greece, the inhabitants of Tolo have taken advantage of the enchanting place and have developed touristically.

Tolo is located just 12 km from Nafplion and along the beach of Tolo, where Bouboulina's big road and from the waist continues with the road Sekeri crosses the harbor.

At this point are all the tourist offices, the traditional taverns and fish taverns with local traditional Greek dishes, restaurants with international cuisines, cafes, bars while in the surrounding area are developed accommodations of all types of hotels (hotels, hostels, rooms to let, camping) The needs of the most demanding visitor.

During the summer season visitors can enjoy cosmopolitan or calm life as the entertainment is varied.

Day trips to Spetses, Hydra, Poros and Monemvasia are organized from Tolo's harbor.

It is worth mentioning the visit of Tolo during the Easter period for the revival of the epitaph on the sea, as well as the revival of the custom of St. John of Klidona on June 24, Carnival on the last Sunday of Carnival are events worth watching.

Tolo belongs to the municipal unit of Asini of the Municipality of Nafplio and it appears under the name Tolo and according to the 2001 census it has 1460 inhabitants.


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