Candia is a small village built by the sea between Drepano and Iria and only 17 kilometers from Nafplion.

It was named Candia from the Venetian Island of Crete that was in use at that time.

The area was inhabited shortly after the Revolution of 1821 by Cretans and Arcadians refugees where they kept their herds during the winter season.

Over time they engaged in fishing and so stayed in Candia permanently abandoning livestock.

The whole area is the oldest residential settlement, where behind the hill of Agia Eleusa, the ruins of the Mycenaean Acropolis of Candia are revealed.

The visitor to Candia can see the Tower of Aga, a half-built tower house where it was the residence of Aga of the area.

The beautiful beach of the village helped in its tourist development and so there are visitors of all ages, whether looking for a quiet holiday or not.

The village has many hotels and rooms to rent as well as several beach bars for entertainment.

Characteristic of Candia's beach is that there are sea turtles and many kinds of fish in the estuary of Asclepios.

At the Feast of Agioi Anargyroi on July 1st the village celebrates organizing a traditional feast with live music and traditional food.

Candia belongs to the municipal unit of Asini of the Municipality of Nafplio and it appears under the name Candia and according to the 2001 census it has 235 inhabitants.


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